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A sphere of activites:

Investigate and design:
  • Marketing of grand for investment projects;
  • Studing possibility for build, make engineering infra-structura;electrity, supply with natural gas,sewerage,telephones;
  • We make the investment projects on the road objects,appliances anad appurtenance;
  • We give the infrormation for supplier and realization on the building works with yours technology;
  • We make numerical - value accurants, and we make offers for realization on the building works;
Preparation for investigate and design:
  • We make the complex task for disign;
  • We make the project to change the purpose function of the land;
  • We make the ideasand technical projects for all parts;
  • We adapt and authorized this project from other firm ot person with their consent;
  • Co-ordinates and approvement on the projects in different stages;
  • Technical - investor`s control;
  • We take the building decision not according to standarts;
  • We make the projects for repair, strengthen to the building and appirtenances out of use;
Consultant activities and engineering control:
  • We make the valuation of investment projects in cofirming with standarts for building site;
  • We make engeneering control for quality of buildin;
  • We make final report to lead into operation the building site;